제목LISST-200X2020-02-25 11:17
작성자 Level 10
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100X에 비해 경량화, 소형화, 간편화 등 다양한 면에서 업그레이드 된 제품이다.

구분 규격
Specific features Measures Particle Size and Concentration
Particle Size Range: 1.0 to 5000 microns
Depth Rating: 600 meters
Half the size of the LISST-100X
Smarter data file structure
Analog output of size and concentration
Plug and Play Compatible with most CTDs
Parameters measured Particle Size Distribution From 1.0-500㎛ in 36 size ranges
Depth (600m max depth @ .0.1m resolution)
Temperature @ 0.01 deg C resolution
Optical transmission @ 0.1% resolution
Volume Concentration @ 0.1µl/l resolution
Volume Scattering Function from 0.36 to 13.8 degrees in water
Analog output of Mean Size and Volume Concentration